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* Holy Spirit filled Ministry *

We minister in the anointing, and power of the Holy Spirit as the LORD leads. That means personal prayer and even prophesy for you. We see miracles, healings, deliverances, addictions broken, and answers to many prayers. GOD sets His people free in our church on a regular basis.

* Anointed Praise and Worship*

Our worship is up beat and lively as well as soft and gentle. It is designed to usher you into the presence of the LORD and to get His presence into you. Our worship leader is anointed and in tune with the Holy Spirit. Did you ever want to play before the LORD? We are always looking for musicians to join in our worship.  

      * Healing Ministry available           during every service *     

Every service can be a healing ministry for you. We will pray for you to be healed and set free from whatever afflicts you. Many have been healed from cancer, various diseases and conditions. Jesus is the healer in our church and maybe today can be your day to be touched by the power of the LORD! 

* Biblical truth preached *

Real Biblical messages are what you will get each week in our church. We bring forth the meaty, deeper truths of GODíS Word along with simple biblical principles and applications for everyone to understand and be able to apply to their lives.  

Whether you have been a Christian for decades or for just a short while, GOD can speak to you through our messages.  


* Communion Services *

The first Sunday of every month, we take communion together. We remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and the promises that became ours through His crucifixion!

Communion Sunday our women's Pastor Sue Sharpe brings forth the Word. Elder Eric VanGarderen takes the last Sunday of each month to bring forth the Word of GOD. Our Senior pastor, Tom Sharpe, ministers the Word of GOD to us all every Sunday in between.

* Mid-week Prayer Service *

On Wednesday nights we offer a prayer service to the LORD. This time of prayer is for serious minded Christians who are able to attend. GOD moves mightily for us as He sovereignty answers our prayer.

Every Wednesday night we offer members of our ministry leadership team the opportunity to bring forth the Word of GOD. These up and coming leaders have fresh, relevant messages for us all.

* share your testimonies *

Every service there is an opportunity to share the things that GOD has done in your life. We offer this time for you to share your testimony both in the service on Sunday and Wednesday night. Testimonies serve to encourage everyone to press on further in the LORD and to trust that GOD will be there to help you in your time of need. 

  *  Fellowship available after service *

We offer a time of refreshments and opportunities for everyone to get to know one another on a more personal level. Stay as long as you want to  or don't stay at all. It's always up to you!


                                     contact us at: -attn: Pastor Tom

                                    or call the church office at 383-1023 and leave message.

                                    currently meeting at the Schuyler Inn,  Menands