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About our church 

Our church was started in October  1989 with just 4 people. We were sent out by Spirit and Truth Christian Church in Schenectady. We have been in prayer for the people of Watervliet in it's original boundaries and surrounding areas since that time.

We believe in people, families and in America. We believe that GOD has richly blessed the United States of America and that we all have turned our backs on GOD! Because we have turned away from GOD, kicked Him out of our schools, and have taken GOD out of almost every American institution, the American family has almost been totally destroyed.

America without GOD means no America at all! In response to the many prayers for families and for America, we can feel and see that GOD is moving in the Capital District of NY and that many churches will experience a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. GOD is preparing the hearts of the people of the Capital District region to embrace this nation shaking move of His Holy Spirit. Watervliet is also included in GOD'S plan.

The Holy Spirit can and is restoring people and families today through our church. We have seen lasting results of many people enjoying the dream of a "good" family life. In other people, GOD has brought healing and restoration. There is no need to feel all alone anymore. He has restored family structure to the broken family and the single parent family as well. Regardless of your situation, you will be accepted at our church and when you are willing to line yourself up with what the Bible teaches, GOD can begin to bring real healing to you. If you are willing, GOD is able!

How about you? Do you want to see people, families, and your nation come back to places of honor and purity? Join us then, let's take America back, one person, one family, at a time. Will you join us and be the first person in your family to come to GOD!


We are...

We are a Holy Spirit filled, Biblically based, Charismatic, Pentecostal, non-denominational, New Testament Christian Church. We use the book of Acts as the main model for our church.


 Our Statement of Faith

* We believe that GOD exists in three ways, the Father, His Son Jesus (the Word) , and  the Holy Spirit. All three are manifestations of the one true GOD.  

* We believe that the Father sent His son Jesus to be the Savior and Lord of all mankind. Only in Jesus Christ is there found salvation of mankind's life. Jesus saved us from having to live life under the devil's control, from our sins, death, and an eternity in hell.  

* Before a person can obtain these free gifts, he must first be “saved" or "born again" of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that unless a man is born again, he cannot see (be aware of, know, or understand) the kingdom of GOD.  

* After being "born again" or "saved" a person must be baptized in water, as Jesus both experienced and commanded.

*Once a person is "saved", they have become a part of the "body of Christ." This body is made up of every true believer and is called the church.

* All believers must take their place in the church in order to find GOD'S purpose for their lives and to fulfill it.

*Every believer should actively seek for the baptism or indwelling of the Holy Spirit, as did the believers in the book of Acts.

* The baptism of the Holy Spirit was subsequent to salvation, expected, and common among those of the original and early church.  

The purpose of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for the believer to receive the power(dunamis) of GOD in his/her life to overcome their sinful human nature, to preach the Gospel, and to be a vessel that Jesus can mightily work through to bring others to Himself.

If you agree with these statements or are willing to learn the truth of GOD'S Word, the Bible, then please drop us an e-mail letting us know that you are interested in our church. GOD can help you to have a new life if you are willing to let Him help you through this church.

These statements of faith are representative of a complete set that you will be given if you decide to join our church





contact us at: -attn: Pastor Tom

or call the church office at 383-1023 and leave message.

currently meeting at the Schuyler Inn,  Menands